Ahead of Friday's release of Cate's new album 'Crab Day' you can watch the film of the album, the work of Turner Prize nominated artists Phil Collins, right now.

Cate says: “My desire was not to work with any artist on visuals for Crab Day, but to work with Phil. He creates a landscape that is anarchic and wide-open through careful consideration and exploration. There is no map. It is an empowering isolation that fills me up when I see his work. It's beautiful, strange and inescapably human. To have him take Crab Day and reimagine it as a visual piece is an absolute honor. No stone was left unturned and the friendship that we have fostered over the years was the anchor of the collaboration. He has made a coat that we can both wear. "

Crab Day is available to pre-order physically, or digitally, now.