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Bento#3 – Curated by Transparent – Out Now


Turnstile are excited to present Bento #3 Curated by Transparent.

Transparent explain their Bento –

“Anyone who’s ever had the dubious fortune of chancing upon Transparent will perhaps know that we’re hopeless slaves to ramshackle, rough-edged and romantic pop songs in all their various guises. It made us feel pretty fortunate, therefore, to be able to pull together some of the artists we’re currently most excited about working with/writing about/simply watching blossom in the coming months into this disparate little collection for your digital consumption as part of the excellent Turnstile Bento series.

From the glittering, bedroom-disco camp classic of Emil and Friends‘s wonderful “Josephine” to the gorgeous; shimmering dream-wave melancholia of Virginia-dwelling Wild Nothing‘s “Confirmation” through the blistering, creepy hot surf of  “Hair Piece” by Bee Eyes and Active Child‘s singular, surreal gospel slow-burner “Body Heat (So Far Away)”, the collection’s only real unifying thread is a love of pop melody – sometimes damaged, often unusual, occasionally found – yet always genuine, real and fun. We hope you enjoy the tracks and then look for the artists various projects in the coming months.”

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